The Blue Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos


Posted by Jane Tobitt

It's Climate Week.

Great to see 'The Blue Trees' art installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos and Trees for Cities in the running for the Climate Awards. The project saw trees on three sites in central London coloured blue by 70 volunteers to raise awareness about the benefits of trees, the decline of city trees and the threats from climate change.

In case you're wondering... a biologically-safe, water-based colourant was specifically developed for this project and has been used since 2005 with no risk to trees, wildlife, humans or waterways.

"By colouring the trees blue, we want people to stop and notice these beautiful trees, which are so often taken for granted" says Sharon Johnson, Chief Executive of Trees for Cities. "It is well reported in the UK that there has been a decline in urban trees over the last decade, and the threat from disease is on the increase. Over 80% of the population will live in cities by 2050. We urgently need to protect and plant more trees to help foster a sense of well being and happiness in our cities."

Certainly fulfils the brief for me.