We’re moving to a lovely new studio and clearing some space…


Posted by Jane Tobitt

Back in October 2018, we sold our comfortable, finished family home on a whim because we had spotted a bungalow with lovely views and the potential to build a new design studio. 


So we all moved into a ‘renovation’ bungalow. It was eventful, a leaky loo and a visit to A&E when the boiler was puffing out carbon monoxide, but by June 2019 the builders were ready to start the demolition. While it was slowly dismantled and rebuilt again we moved into a rented house and 8 months later we are back and putting the finishing touches to our new home and the kids can finally see why we uprooted them!


We move Bold & Noble to our new studio in March but we can’t take all our old stock with us, so it's sell-off time!


If you have some empty walls to fill, have a look at the full range of prints on sale here - most are reduced from £45 to £10 - and grab yourself a bargain, only while stocks last!